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Estes Robbery

Estes Robbery

Estes Robbery Attorney in Los Angeles

A robbery is a dangerous felony and is a strike offense under California’s 3 strikes law.  It can result in a prison sentence, and interfere with the rest of one’s life.  Immigration status, career, college loans, and the like can all be affected dramatically by a felony conviction.  Robbery has the added value of being both a violent crime as well as a crime of honesty.  Two of the three things employers are concerned about when considering a potential new hire.

Some clients find themselves in a position where they thought they would be facing misdemeanor theft charge, but in fact they get charged with robbery.  Robbery is a violent felony and if convicted, it comes with a strike.  These more controversial set of facts is known as an “Estes” robbery. For an “Estes” robbery, the situation plays out like this….First you take a pack of gum from the neighborhood store (the theft), and then you run. When the loss prevention officer sees this happen, they come after you. They try to stop you and when they tackle you on the asphalt in the parking lot there is a struggle (the force). Therein lies a charge of robbery.

California Law on Estes Robbery in Los Angeles CA

Under California law, this is the same crime as any other robbery with all the same consequences at sentencing. Now of course there are again areas of dispute. For example what if the pack of gum is thrown down or abandoned before the struggle? But what if instead of a pack of gum it’s a stack of wood and when you throw it down it injures security? What if they struggle isn’t really a struggle? Maybe you broke your arm when you were tackled and you can’t put it behind your back to comply? Or maybe it just didn’t feel too good faceplanting the pavement with loss prevention in the saddle? Is loss prevention a former linebacker who took the job because he likes tackling thieves in the parking lot? Do we really expect people to limply comply in this position?

All types of theft charges can become more serious depending on the amount of money, value of property, location, time of day and a multitude of other factors, but an Estes Robbery blows them all away, because there was no intent to commit the type of crime that resulted.

Defending Estes robberies can be extremely difficult and requires the well-developed soft, yet forceful touch of an experienced theft attorney.  Humanizing the client to the prosecutor and judge to help them view the Defendant something more than simply a case number and a list of charges is an invaluable first step to returning the case to a misdemeanor shoplifting or petty-theft charge.

As skilled negotiators and trial lawyers, we are ready to provide the vigorous defense you need. Whether your case is best resolved by negotiated plea agreement or by trial, you can be confident that we will fight to protect your rights and seek the best possible outcome on your behalf.

What to Do if You Are Charged with Estes Robbery in Los Angeles

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