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Smuggling Border Arrests

Smuggling Charges and Border Arrests

Many people do not realize how limited their rights are when entering the United States. Some smuggling, trafficking and illegal importation charges arise from involvement in real criminal enterprises. Others impact people who did not know they were breaking the law or had no idea of the extent of the searches U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents perform. Regardless of the circumstances, it is crucial to seek experienced legal counsel to mitigate the impact of criminal charges related to smuggling or border arrests.

Our Los Angeles defense attorneys have substantial experience representing people coping with border arrests and smuggling charges. The Law Offices of Daniel R. Perlman intervenes on behalf of citizens and visitors arrested at LAX and other airports in California, people arrested at or near the Port of Los Angeles or the Port of Long Beach, and people charged with:

  • Crossing the Mexican border into California with drugs, weapons, large amounts of cash, jewelry or gemstones, or other goods that may have been legally obtained but were not properly declared
  • Attempting to smuggle illegal or forbidden items into prison, including drugs or weapons
  • Illegal importation of plant or animal products, often without intent to commit a crime
  • Crimes allegedly committed on a cruise ship (such as sexual assault, drug crimes or theft) leading to arrest and detention on board or when coming into harbor
  • Possession of child pornography, or on suspicion of another serious sex offense such as organizing a trip to engage in sex with a minor
  • Human trafficking, including charges of aiding and abetting this crime

Strong Experience Defending People Facing Mexican Border Arrests or Airport Detainment

It would be incredibly naive to believe that “profiling” of men traveling alone, individuals of certain races and nationalities, and people coming from certain foreign destinations does not occur at our points of entry. Whatever the circumstances of your arrest, however, failing to promptly contact an attorney focused on defending your rights could be a life-altering mistake.

The less you say to federal agents or police in connection with a drug arrest at the Los Angeles airport or any smuggling crime, the better. Many such officials are experts in getting what they need for a conviction while reassuring you that they will ultimately let you go if you talk. At your first opportunity, contact us at 213-514-8324, at 213-514-8324 or by e-mail and get proven border arrest and smuggling defense lawyer Daniel R. Perlman involved in your case.


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