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Internet Fraud

Los Angeles Internet Fraud Attorneys

Some common themes that we often hear about from clients who are charged with Internet fraud are:

  • Someone receives a letter or e-mail message asking for help. “Can you cash this check? You can keep 10 percent of the money to compensate you for your trouble.”
  • Someone asks an individual to collect some money, a letter or a package and resend it somewhere else as a favor, with a small commission to be paid in exchange. “Do you have time to go to the bus station and ship this to another address for me?”

How Did You Come to Be Accused of Internet Fraud in the Los Angeles Area?

In scenarios such as these, the person finds that he or she has been trapped into committing some type of Internet fraud — often unintentionally, as part of an elaborate scheme. He or she ends up being duped and used as a courier in a chain of fraudulent transactions designed to elude detection. Once the person realizes what has happened, a letter arrives from the police serving notice of an investigation.

In the words of the California Penal Code Section 484e, “(a) Every person who, with intent to defraud, sells, transfers, or conveys, an access card, without the cardholder’s or issuer’s consent, is guilty of grand theft.”

Get the Aggressive Criminal Defense Counsel and Representation You Need

Have you found yourself targeted in San Diego or Los Angeles for Internet fraud charges after taking part in a murky series of financial transactions? You may not have been the author of the alleged Internet fraud, but rather, an unwitting participant. Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Daniel R. Perlman can help you defend yourself. Do not try to talk your way out of the charges once you have been contacted by the police. This is one of the biggest mistakes that defendants in criminal cases often make. The result can be a very damaging criminal record in addition to fines, imprisonment and a destroyed reputation. The sooner you have an experienced defense lawyer on your side, the more opportunities there will be for a favorable outcome if you have been accused of an Internet crime.

Contact an Experienced Internet Fraud Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Internet fraud lawyer Daniel Perlman is a former prosecutor who understands how the state builds these cases and how to defend against them. Lawyers with his caliber of trial skills, negotiation skills and detailed familiarity with the criminal justice system are rare. Learn how our criminal defense practice can serve your needs as you are under investigation or have been arrested on suspicion of any type of state or federal Internet fraud. Contact the Law Offices of Daniel R. Perlman in Los Angeles, California, online or call 213-514-8324 or 213-514-8324.


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