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Federal Drug Crimes

Los Angeles Federal Drug Crimes Attorneys

Any federal criminal charge is a serious matter, but a federal drug crime is often a high-level felony offense, which may result in a significant term of imprisonment. Many federal drug crimes carry mandatory prison sentences.

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If you have been arrested for a federal drug crime, it is critical that you protect your rights by retaining an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. For a vigorous defense, contact the Law Offices of Daniel R. Perlman in Los Angeles, California; call 213-514-8324 or contact us by e-mail.

Federal Drug Charges in Los Angeles

Our Federal drug charge attorneys defend clients against all federal drug charges in Los Angeles, including:

  • Drug trafficking, including trafficking of narcotics and other controlled substances
  • Drug smuggling
  • Drug conspiracy charges
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Drug distribution
  • Drug importation or exportation

Why Are Some Drug Offenses Charged as a Federal Crime?

Federal drug charges can arise in a number of situations. Often such charges arise out of the transportation, sale, distribution or manufacture of large quantities of drugs. If you passed state lines while carrying drugs, you may also have triggered a federal charge.

Keys to Effectively Managing Federal Cases

It is important to understand that federal criminal cases are different from state cases. The Federal Sentencing Guidelines provide courts with significant guidance in such cases. Federal drug cases often involve mandatory prison sentences, as stated above. In addition, federal prosecutors often wait until they have a very strong case before bringing charges, so the government may have considerable evidence it intends to use against you at any potential future trial.

Defense Against Federal Drug Charges in Los Angeles

As with any other drug charge, there are a number of defenses and effective defense strategies that may be utilized in a federal drug case, including:

  • Use of pretrial motions to seek the suppression of evidence obtained as a result of an illegal search and seizure.
  • Use of pretrial motions to seek the suppression of evidence obtained as a result of a search performed pursuant to a search warrant that was not supported by probable cause.
  • Fighting charges at trial if the prosecution does not have sufficient evidence to prove all necessary elements of a drug crime beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Negotiation of a favorable plea agreement that minimizes a defendant’s exposure to potentially harsh penalties normally associated with the conviction of a federal drug crime.

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To schedule a free consultation with one of our Los Angeles federal drug crimes lawyers, call 213-514-8324 or contact us by e-mail.

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