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Drug Possession

Los Angeles Drug Possession Attorneys

Being convicted of a drug offense of any kind is a serious matter that could result in criminal penalties and could adversely affect your employment opportunities.

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Drug Possession Charges in Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles drug possession attorneys handle all drug possession charges, including:

  • Illegal possession of marijuana
  • Illegal possession of narcotics and other controlled substances
    • Cocaine
    • Methamphetamine also known as Meth
    • Ecstasy – MDMA
  • Illegal possession of prescription medications
  • Forged medication prescriptions
  • Drug possession for sales or distribution

Defense for Drug Possession Charges in Los Angeles

We have extensive experience defending clients charged with illegal drug possession. We closely examine the evidence in the prosecution’s possession and look for ways to exploit police and prosecution errors to our clients’ advantage.

  • Did the police seize drugs as a result of an illegal traffic stop?
  • Did the police violate the terms of a search warrant?
  • Did the police fail to instruct you of your right to remain silent or your right to legal counsel?

We examine these and other issues to raise the strongest possible defense on our clients’ behalf. Our attorneys are also familiar with treatment options, diversion programs such as Proposition 36, PC 1000 and other creative measures that may allow you to avoid a criminal conviction or minimize the penalties you may face. We care about our clients and work hard to protect their freedom, record and rights.

If you have been arrested for drug possession, you may be innocent, you may have made a mistake or you may have a chemical dependency issue. Regardless of your personal circumstances, we will be the strong and caring advocates you need. For people who do have a chemical dependency issue, incarceration is not the answer. We will do everything in our power and within the law to protect your freedom.

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To schedule a free consultation with one of our Los Angeles drug possession lawyers, call 213-514-8324 or contact us by e-mail.

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