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Drug Cultivation Manufacturing

Drug Cultivation or Manufacturing Charges in Los Angeles

While it is well known that California state laws allow people with the proper permits to possess and grow pot, busts for marijuana cultivation still occur under a wide range of circumstances. The charge is a felony carrying potential penalties including a three-year prison sentence and massive fines.

The methamphetamine epidemic has also led many people into involvement with drug manufacturing. If you stand accused of cooking meth or allowing meth lab operation on your property — or of manufacturing LSD, MDMA (Ecstasy) or certain outlawed synthetics — your need for a dedicated, resourceful criminal defense lawyer is clear.

Dedicated Defense Counsel Focused on Pursuing Every Viable Option for You

At the Law Offices of Daniel R. Perlman in Los Angeles, drug cultivation or manufacturing charges are familiar territory. Our attorneys will respond quickly to your need for counsel and evaluate every aspect of your case. We are prepared to vigorously challenge the state or federal case against you or negotiate skillfully with prosecutors for manageable consequences.

Our law firm can be an essential resource for defense of your rights and future whether you are:

  • A marijuana grower or dispensary owner who believed you were in compliance with the laws, only to have been subjected to a raid and arrest
  • A person wrongfully accused of meth lab operation or other drug manufacture — or subjected to an illegal search and seizure
  • An individual who became involved with drug manufacturing or smuggling due to your own addiction or financial challenges

Consult Free With Our Los Angeles Drug Cultivation Defense Lawyers

Attorney Daniel R. Perlman takes a focused, constructive approach to drug charge defense, informed by knowledge of what prosecutors need to see to plea bargain. He has extensive familiarity with successful drug treatment programs throughout Southern California and many years of experience helping people avoid life-altering felony convictions.

If you or a loved one is facing any serious drug charge, we will provide a free consultation focused on your case and available legal options. Call or e-mail us now for the help you need.


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