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Theft And Financial Crimes

Los Angeles Theft, Burglary & Larceny Defense Attorneys

At the Law Offices of Daniel R. Perlman, our resourceful approach to the defense of theft, burglary, or larceny charges can help you resolve your legal problem. If you need advice about criminal charges ranging from breaking and entering to grand theft auto, contact our office in Los Angeles for a free consultation about the allegations against you and what you can do.

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In almost every situation, with proper legal counsel you will have more alternatives than the worst case scenario that has been presented to you by the police and prosecutor. From years of experience, we know that it is rarely if ever necessary to accept the prosecution’s first plea offer. Criminal defense lawyer Daniel Perlman will investigate the facts of the case, asses your options, and deal with the prosecuting attorney and judge on your behalf. Contact us by e-mailing us or by calling 213-514-8324

Theft, Burglary or Larceny Charges in Los Angeles

Our representation includes handling a wide range of theft and property crimes, including:

Different Types of Property Crimes: Theft, Burglary, and Robbery

  • Theft: You can be charged with theft for allegedly stealing money or anything else of value from someone else. Sometimes, theft charges are combined with burglary or robbery charges. Embezzlement is also considered a type of theft.
  • Burglary: Burglary is when you enter property with the intent to commit a crime, regardless of the property type (home, apartment, business, etc). Intent must be proven, but you do not need to actually steal something to be charged with burglary.
  • Robbery: If force or the threat of force is alleged during efforts to take property from someone, robbery charges may result. Robbery is also considered a type of violent crime.

California’s Three Strikes Law and Theft Charges

Under California’s three strikes law, defendants receive the first two strikes only when they are convicted of serious felonies. However, a third strike may be given for any degree of felony conviction. This means that a felony petty theft charge can lead to a severe prison sentence if you already have two strikes. Prosecutors will often take advantage of inexperienced defendants being represented by public defenders and offer them an otherwise sweet-sounding deal if they agree to “take a strike.” However, there are serious concerns about taking a “strike” that defendants need to be aware of.

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Contact our office in Los Angeles to discuss your case with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. We offer free consultations, affordable fees and resourceful solutions. Calling and speaking with our office does not require any commitment — find out more by e-mailing us or by calling 213-514-8324.


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